Japan national football team coach Hajime Moriyasu has announced that he will conduct an inspection tour in Europe from the second half of next month in order to grasp the condition of the players for the World Cup that will start in November.

The World Cup Qatar tournament, which will start in November, will have a maximum of 26 registered members, three more than before.

On the 6th, Director Moriyasu, who was interviewed online, announced that he would head to Europe from the second half of next month to inspect the players.

He said about the aim, he said, "I want to see the state of play and meet and talk with the players I can meet. I can better understand the state of the players by communicating with the strengthening staff and the manager of the club I belong to." explained.

The Japanese national team is scheduled to play a warm-up game with the American national team in Europe in late September, and Moriyasu will stay in Europe until then.

In addition, regarding the increasing number of players transferring to the German first division league, such as Japan national team captain Maya Yoshida and Ritsu Doan, Director Moriyasu said, "Many players have been selected as German national teams, including Bavarian Munich. I'm playing, and I can enter the tournament after knowing their mentality and the soccer they want to play. I can be more confident in the first league match against Germany in the Qatar tournament. "