Yusei Kikuchi, a pitcher of the Blue Jays in the major leagues, started the game against Athletics, but he got off the mound without having three innings and suffered a fifth defeat with four goals.

Pitcher Kikuchi pitched well in the raise match on the 30th of last month and scored his third win for the first time in a month and a half. ..

On this day, I struggled to control the task from the start, and once I gave two walks in a row from the beginning, I was hit in a timely manner and lost 2 points.

The team caught up with the tie shortly afterwards, but pitcher Kikuchi had a hit in the third inning and a no-out bases loaded pinch with a continuous dead ball, and was overtaken by a sacrifice fly.

In addition, when the foreball was full again, he got off the mound, and the relief pitcher lost another point with the extruded foreball, and pitcher Kikuchi threw two and one-third innings to score four goals.

Two hits were hit, five walks were given, and two dead balls were given.

The Blue Jays lost 3 to 5 and lost 5 consecutive games, losing to pitcher Kikuchi, and this season's record was 3 wins and 5 losses, with an earned run average of 5.12.