Jonas Eriksson is Sweden's most successful football referee with great international merits.

The former elite referee has been involved in the football championships on SVT since the 2018 World Cup and is now ready as an expert for the women's European Championships.

- It is the world's best summer job, says Jonas Eriksson.

He will be seen on a number of selected occasions during the championship and of course it will be with extra focus on the rulebook and the judges.

- That's where I have my home.

Then I think I have shown everyone that I can handle both technology and tactics.

We discuss tactics, team selections and goals, but what we always land on is decisions.

Was it offside?

Should Sweden be punished?

With my experience of 31 years of judging, and four years as an expert after my career, I have a special insight into how it works, he says.

Swedish judge in the championship

The European Championships will also be the first time with VAR, video referee assistant, in a major European Championship on the women's side.

- WHERE is special.

Not everyone knows how it works and it is exclusively women who do not have the habit of judging with WHERE to judge.

In addition, Swedish Tess Olofsson will judge the championship.

- Tess is fantastically good.

She is making her championship debut and it is special.

It will be very exciting.

It is already clear that the studio will have several experts with different special areas, such as SVT Sports' Daniel Nannskog, national team Nilla Fischer, former Swedish star midfielder Lisa Dahlkvist and national team captain for Australia's women's national team Tony Gustavsson.

- With Jonas Eriksson, we get another interesting piece of the puzzle and in addition to the referee perspective, he is opinionated with broad football knowledge, says Marcus Törngren, project manager for the European Championships.