Son Heung-min humbly evaluated himself for the so-called 'World Class Controversy'.

Reporter Kim Hyung-yeol covered the press conference of Son Heung-min, who was honest and straightforward.


Son Heung-min, who has been training in Seoul since the evaluation match last month, showed off his witty talk in front of the microphone.

Regarding his father's cold evaluation, which has recently attracted attention,

[Son Woong-jung (Son Heung-min's father, last month 16): ((previously) Son Heung-min said that he was not yet a 'world class', but do you not change your mind?) There is

no change.]

He said he agreed.

[Son Heung-Min: Real 'world class' doesn't have this kind of debate.

The fact that such a debate is unfolding shows that there is still room to climb (I tell you)]

He said that he is constantly analyzing to fill in the gaps, and that he challenges every season without setting a goal.

[Son Heung-Min: (If you set a goal) There are times when you achieve your goal early.

I think I've experienced a lot of cases where I get really loose with myself.]

He also shared the story behind the last game that confirmed the top scorer.

My teammates, of course,

[Heung-Min Son: I will make you a 'scoring champion' for every friend who comes in as a substitute," and he continues.

[Son Heung-min: Manager Conte said, "If you can help sonny (Heung-Min Son) become the 'scorer', he should help."]

Recently, a London mural painted by a rival West Ham fan is also It was a different feeling.

[Son Heung-min: I joked that being loved by West Ham fans is more difficult than 'Golden Boots (scorer)'...


Son Heung-min, who shared a room with his senior Park Ji-sung at the age of 19 and raised his dream,

[Son Heung-min: Even in the room, the real (Park Ji-sung) hyung is resting and how to create the best condition, I think I learned a lot about these things.

(Is Park Ji-sung acting a little mean?) He didn't.

As the captain of Park Ji- sung

's generation, he vowed to create the best moment in the Qatar World Cup.