Lionel Rosso SEASON 2021 - 202206h00, July 04, 2022

"Les Géants" is an extra dose of sport every Monday with the secrets of football legends at the microphone of Jacques Vendroux!

In his new podcast, the sports journalist retraces the great adventures that have marked French football.

Relive these crazy epics through the stories of those who wrote these legendary stories: Laurent Blanc and the coronation of the Blues at the 1998 World Cup, Réginald Becque and the epic of Calais amateur players in the French Cup or Michel Denisot at the head of PSG during the Canal years.

For this season 1, "The Giants", a Europe 1 Studio podcast, reveals the underside of five extraordinary football adventures! 

See you on your favorite listening platform by searching for "Les Géants" or "Vendroux"!