Six games were played in professional baseball, and Yakult, the leader of the Central League, won and the magic number to win was reduced by two to "51".

Central League

Yakult vs. DeNA was won by Yakult 11-4.

▽ Win, Pitcher Ozawa 1 win

▽ Loss, Pitcher Kyoyama 1 defeat

▽ Home run, Yakult Nakamura No. 3, 4, Aoki No. 4, Kazuya Maruyama No. 1

Yakult is Yamada's timely and Aoki at one time He scored 5 points in the player's 2-point timely and Nakamura's No. 3 two-run, steadily scoring in the second inning with Yamada's timely two-base and in the fourth inning with Aoki's No. 4 solo.

Pitcher Ozawa, the first professional pitcher, scored his first professional victory with three goals in five innings.

The magic number for Yakult's victory has decreased by two to "51".

In DeNA, starting pitcher Kyoyama collapsed with 6 goals in the middle of the second inning.

In Hiroshima vs. Giants, the Giants won 7-5.

▽ Win, 2 wins for pitcher Takanashi

▽ Save, 1 win for many pitchers 1 loss 23 saves

▽ Loss, 1 loss for pitcher Moriura

▽ Home run, Giants / Oshiro No. 4, Sakamoto No. 4, No. 5, Maru No. 17

Giants are 3 In the 7th inning against 3, Sakamoto led with No. 5 two-run, which is the second consecutive at-bat, and in the 8th inning immediately after being caught up, Yoshikawa won in a timely two-base, and in the 9th inning, Maru's No. 17 solo. I pushed it out.

The sixth pitcher Takanashi won the second victory, and the giant stopped the losing streak with three.

In Hiroshima, starting pitcher Kuri made a good pitch with 1 goal in the 5th inning, but the relief team collapsed.

In Chunichi vs. Hanshin, Hanshin won 3-0.

▽ Win, Saiki pitcher 1 win

▽ Save, Iwasaki pitcher 1 win 3 losses 16 saves

▽ Loss, Yanagi pitcher 5 wins 6 losses

▽ Home run, Hanshin / Oyama No. 19, Nakano No. 4

Hanshin took the lead with Oyama's No. 19 two-run twice, and Nakano's No. 4 solo scored an additional point in the third inning.

Starting pitcher Saiki scored no goals in the fifth inning, and pitched for the first time in three seasons with a white star.

Chunichi couldn't support the starting pitcher Yanagi, who was tenacious with 3 runs in the 7th inning.

Pacific League

Seibu vs. Softbank, Softbank won 3-0.

▽ Win, Ishikawa pitcher 3 wins 3 losses

▽ Loss, Yoza pitcher 5 wins 3 losses

▽ Home run, Softbank Shuto player No. 3

Softbank takes the lead with Shuto player No. 3 solo, and laps in the third inning Higashi and Makihara expanded their lead in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Ishikawa shut out for the first time in two years with one hit he allowed, and won his third win.

Seibu wasn't enthusiastic about hitting the line.

Lotte vs. Rakuten, Rakuten won 14 to 1.

▽ Win, Pitcher Hayakawa 5 wins 5 losses

▽ Loss, Pitcher Mima 4 wins 5 losses

▽ Home run, Lotte Oka player No. 5

Rakuten takes the lead with Ginji's timely two base in the first inning, and Shimauchi's sacrifice in the third inning In the 5th inning, he scored 14 points with 21 hits, the most in this season, including 5 points in the batter's round of attacks, including the timely three-base of Kofukada.

Starting pitcher Hayakawa scored his fifth win with a good pitching of one goal in the seventh inning, and Rakuten stopped the losing streak with three.

In Lotte, starting pitcher Mima failed to play a role with 7 goals in the middle of the 5th inning, and the team's winning streak stopped at 4.

In Nippon-Ham vs. Orix, Orix won 7-3.

▽ Win, Pitcher Kuroki 1 win 2 losses 1 save

▽ Loss, Pitcher Sugiura 3 wins 6 losses

▽ Home run, Nippon-Ham Fighters No. 8

Orix took the lead in the 1st inning with Adachi's timely two-base and Keita Nakagawa's timely three-base, in the 7th inning with Adachi's timely, and in the 9th inning with Masataka Yoshida's 3-point timely two-base. I gave an additional point in.

The second pitcher, Kuroki, is the first white star in four years.

In Nippon-Ham, starting pitcher Sugiura suffered a sixth loss with three goals in the fourth inning.