Chinanews client, Beijing, July 2nd. In the early morning of the 2nd Beijing time, the 2022 World Swimming Championships continued in Budapest. In the diving mixed doubles 10-meter platform final, the Chinese team Ren Qian/Duan Yu won the championship with a score of 341.16 points. , for the Chinese team to achieve four consecutive World Championships in this project.

So far, 10 gold medals have been decided in the diving event of the World Championships, all of which have been swept by the Chinese diving team.

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  Ren Qian, who was born in 2001, won the women's 10-meter platform diving gold medal at the Rio Olympics, and is China's first post-00s Olympic champion.

Duan Yu, who was born in 2006, teamed up with Chen Yuxi to win the mixed 10-meter platform championship at the 2018 National Diving Championships.

  A total of nine pairs participated in the mixed doubles 10-meter platform final of the World Championships. Ren Qian/Duan Yu showed stronger strength and occupied the first place from the first jump. The score of 341.16 points won the championship, which was 24.15 points higher than the second-ranked Ukrainian group.

  The excellent performance of the two also won unanimous praise from the audience: the dream team is worthy of the name!

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  After winning this gold medal, Ren Qian also became the third player after Si Yajie and Lian Junjie to win two gold medals in the mixed doubles 10-meter platform at the World Championships.

  The 2022 Budapest World Aquatics Championships is the highest-profile international event for the Chinese diving team after entering the Paris Olympic cycle.

After the Tokyo Olympics, veteran players such as Shi Tingmao, Wang Han, Chen Aisen, and Xie Sizhen gradually faded out of the arena. The members of the Budapest World Championships this time are mainly young players.

  In the 17-person entry list, there are 9 male players, including Wang Zongyuan, Zheng Jiuyuan, Cao Yuan, Yang Jian, Yang Hao, Lian Junjie, Zhu Zifeng, Duan Yu, Bai Yuming, as well as Li Yajie, Lin Shan, Chang Yani, Chen Yiwen, Quan Hong Chan, Chen Yuxi, Zhang Jiaqi, and Ren Qian are 8 female players.

They will compete in all 13 events.

Data map: In the women's 10-meter platform final at the Tokyo Olympics, Quan Hongchan, who was only 14 years old at the time, jumped out of the full score three times in the competition and won the gold medal with her excellent performance.

  The Chinese Swimming Association has stated that the Chinese diving team will aim at the Paris Olympics. Through competitions, it will train the team, identify problems, and identify shortcomings, exercise young athletes' ability to participate in international competitions, and improve the coaching level of young coaches in international competitions. , to maintain the dominant position of Chinese diving, and strive to achieve excellent results.

  In the mixed all-around competition of this World Championships, the pair of Quan Hongchan/Bai Yuming won the championship, and the Chinese diving team unlocked the hundred gold achievement of the World Championships.

Since then, the "Dream Team" has continued to win the championship.

After the mixed doubles 10-meter platform competition, 10 gold medals have been decided in the diving event of this World Championships, all of which have been swept by the Chinese diving team.

  At the 2019 Gwangju World Championships, the Chinese diving team finally won 12 gold medals in 13 events.

In Budapest, they will continue to work towards the goal of taking all 13 golds.