Springer Spaniel Molly has become a bit of a phenomenon when it comes to sniffing out cheaters.

She works for the organization Anti-Doping Sweden and together with her master and mistress she tries to keep the sport free from illicit drugs.

She is the only dog ​​in the world.

Molly can localize anabolic steroids, testosterone and several other drugs.

But exactly which ones are secret.

- We have chosen to keep it to ourselves to make it more difficult for those who choose to take a shortcut, says Joanna Sjöö.

The reactions when Molly is out in the field are almost only positive.

- To 99.9 percent, it is only positive.

We always get smiles and so on.

It can sometimes be at big, international competitions where you do not know who she is or what she does, where it may not always be as popular.

But in Sweden, most people are very happy for her.

See the entire meeting with Molly here.