In our “Mixed Zone” podcast, we go back in time with the series “Once upon a time, in the history of sport…”.

This time, the episode is linked to the start of the Tour de France cycling race this Friday from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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returns to the first flight of the Tour de France outside its borders.

It was in 1954, in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

The director of the Tour, Jacques Godet, wanted to see the country and expand the influence of the competition abroad.

Today, the event enjoys worldwide influence.

Tour of Europe?

Back to this first stage in 1954, between Amsterdam and Brasschaat, near Antwerp, in Belgium, at a time when the participating teams were formed by country and by region in France.

As a symbol, the race did not escape a Dutchman.

Even if, in the end, it is the French champion Louison Bobet who will postpone the Tour de France for the second consecutive time.

With the cycling historian, Pascal Sergent, we will also come back behind the scenes of this exile abroad and on this objective of the leaders to create a real Tour of Europe.

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