Quan Hongchan is in the game.

Image source: Visual China

  China News Service Client, Beijing, June 30 (Reporter Wang Hao) On the 29th local time, the 19th World Swimming Championships continued in Budapest.

On this match day, the Chinese diving team won the championships in the mixed all-around, women's 1-meter springboard and mixed doubles 3-meter springboard.

So far, the Chinese diving team has won 7 gold medals in this World Championships, and the total number of gold medals in the history of the World Championships has reached 102.

  In the first mixed all-around final, Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming played together. This was also Quan Hongchan's debut as a springboard for an international competition.

The pair was outstanding in strength and finally won the championship with 391.40 points.

This is their first world championship gold medal and the 100th world championship gold medal in the history of the Chinese diving team.

  In the diving women's 1-meter springboard final, due to space constraints, there is not much difference in the difficulty of the movements between the players, which is a test of the quality of the completion.

Chinese player Li Yajie performed well in the fourth jump 305C, surpassing the first place with a single jump score of 69.00 points, and finally won the gold medal with 300.85 points.

On June 29, Lin Shan/Zhu Zifeng (right) in the game.

Lin Shan and Zhu Zifeng of China win the mixed doubles 3-meter springboard final of the 2022 World Swimming Championships in Budapest, Hungary, on the same day.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Huansong

  In the diving mixed doubles 3-meter springboard final, the Chinese team Lin Shan/Zhu Zifeng cooperated tacitly and performed steadily, and finally won the championship with 324.15 points.

After the end of the competition day, the Chinese diving team has won 7 gold medals at the World Championships in Budapest, and the total number of gold medals in the history of the World Championships has risen to 102.

  After entering the Paris Olympic cycle, the Chinese diving team has ushered in the highest international competition. The performance of the Chinese team in this world championship is undoubtedly gratifying, and the audience who stayed up late to watch the competition also sent the players the most sincere praise. .

Some people ridiculed that the Chinese team is "wholesale" and "purchasing".

Screenshots of netizens' comments.

  The total number of gold medals in the World Championships exceeded 100, which is a shining medal forged by the joint efforts of Chinese swimmers of all dynasties.

The Chinese diving team participated in the World Championships for the first time in 1982. In 1986, Gao Min achieved a breakthrough of zero gold medals in the World Championships in the springboard event. In the past 40 years, this team has grown into a well-deserved "dream team".

  After "100", the Chinese diving team has not stopped moving forward.

The outstanding performance of the teenagers in the arena indicates that the Chinese diving team is still worth looking forward to in the future.

  Audiences who often pay attention to diving competitions will find that many unfamiliar names appeared on the Chinese team's roster at this World Championships.

Data map: Quan Hongchan was held high by the coach.

  After the Paris cycle began, with Shi Tingmao, Wang Han and other famous players fading out of the arena, the Chinese diving team began to "alternate between old and new", and more and more "post-00s" players began to take on the heavy responsibility of the competition.

The 28-year-old platform jumper Yang Jian has become the oldest player in this expedition.

Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming, who won the mixed all-around gold medal, are only 15 years old.

  The Chinese diving team has previously stated that the goal of this World Championship is the Paris Olympics. Through the competition, the team will be trained, problems and shortcomings will be found, the ability of young athletes to participate in international competitions will be tempered, and the coaching of young coaches will be improved in the international arena. level, maintain the dominant position of Chinese diving, and strive to achieve excellent results.

  At the Gwangju World Championships in 2019, the Chinese diving team won 12 gold medals, of which four Olympic singles events all won the championship and runner-up.

At present, the Chinese diving team of the Budapest World Championships has every chance to reproduce or even surpass this achievement. You can always believe in the diving dream team!