China News Service, Beijing, June 30th. As summer gradually enters, the domestic weather conditions are complicated. Jiangnan and southern China are accompanied by heavy rainfall, and the high temperature weather in Huanghuai and Huaihe in North China is increasing.

The appearance of high temperature and high humidity has also put forward higher requirements for the organizing committee to organize the competition and the public to participate in the competition.

Under such circumstances, the Chinese Athletics Association has compiled a complete guide for you on how to organize and participate in competitions.


  The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the feeling of sweating profusely after running may be very refreshing, but we must know that the high temperature and humidity weather is a very big test for runners.

Dizziness and other reactions caused by high temperature and humidity are likely to be symptoms of heat stroke, heat stroke, etc.

Therefore, how to compete in hot and humid weather, you must know the following!

  Hot weather

  The courage to run in "dog days" is commendable, but it is even more important to master these knowledge points of running in hot weather.

  Identify hot weather

  The World Meteorological Organization defines the weather as high temperature when it lasts for more than 3 days and the daily maximum temperature is higher than 32℃.

In this environment, the human body is easy to feel uncomfortable, and the incidence of heat stroke and other diseases increases. At this time, more attention should be paid to safety when running.

  Then, when running in high temperature weather, in addition to avoiding the hottest period and choosing light, breathable quick-drying pants, we should also pay attention to the following details:

  Pay attention to heart rate, not pace

  In hot weather, the human body has a large heat dissipation load, which is easy to cause fatigue, which in turn leads to a decline in exercise performance. This is the result of the body's self-protection mechanism.

It is recommended to control the heart rate between 60% and 70% of the maximum heart rate (220-age). If the heart rate is too high, the pace should be appropriately reduced.

  Timely hydration is the key

  Hydration is the key!

Hydration is important for running, especially electrolyte fluids.

Especially in hot weather, drinking 500-800 ml of water 1 hour before running will effectively reduce the risk of dehydration. During running, electrolytes should be replenished in time. The amount of water replenished after exercise should be greater than the amount of sweat lost (you can measure the body weight before and after exercise as the amount of water replenishment. in accordance with).

  Appropriately reduce the amount of exercise

  In a hot environment, the amount of exercise should be maintained at 70%-75% of the daily routine. For example, running 10 kilometers normally, and it is recommended to run 7-7.5 kilometers in high temperature days.

More importantly, reduce the exercise intensity and control the heart rate within a reasonable range through the control of exercise intensity.

  In addition, if you run in hot weather, you must do what you can. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and heart palpitations, you should stop exercising, cool down and rehydrate.

  high humidity

  Why is it so uncomfortable to run when the temperature is not very high but the humidity is very high?

There is a lot of knowledge here!

  Human body temperature is not only affected by temperature, but also by humidity.

Based on this, the heat index divides the combination of humidity and temperature into 4 levels, indicating the risk of outdoor activities.

  For example, the high-humidity weather in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River from mid-June to early July is usually 26-30 degrees. Although the temperature is not as high as the dog days, the humidity often exceeds 80%. Due to high humidity and low air pressure, it is easy to happen. heatstroke.

  So what do you need to pay attention to when running in high humidity?

  In fact, the precautions for running in hot weather also apply to high humidity. In addition, you need to pay attention to these details.

  Appropriately reduce the pace and increase the depth of exhalation

  When the air pressure is low, the blood circulation ability of the human body is reduced, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is insufficient, and it is easy to have poor breathing.

However, too frequent breathing will reduce the breathing efficiency, so the breathing frequency should be controlled and the exhalation depth should be increased.

At the same time, you can consciously reduce the speed, do not overload the body.

  Control exercise intensity

  When exercising in high humidity weather, the oxygen use efficiency and heat dissipation efficiency of the human body are significantly reduced, and it is easy to feel the limbs are heavy and weak, and fatigue occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to control the exercise intensity, avoid excessive stimulation, and prevent heat stroke, exercise fatigue and other conditions.

  Increase training frequency and shorten training time

  Runners who have adapted to high humidity weather only need to appropriately shorten the training time, increase the training frequency, and avoid extreme weather such as heavy rain.

But for people who stay in the area for a short time, even if they have the habit of running, it is recommended to stop running in high humidity weather.

  Bring your running gear

  In high-humidity weather, the humidity is high and the heat dissipation is poor, and the soles of the feet are prone to blisters. It is recommended to wear compression socks to reduce the friction between the skin and the shoes.

Bring a wide-brimmed hat or a disposable raincoat when you run in case of a sudden downpour.

At the same time, prepare a few more pairs of shoes.

  In short, you can keep running in high humidity weather, but you must pay attention to these details.

In addition, it is best to do indoor strength training, swimming, etc. when it is raining heavily.

Competition articles

  Similarly, for the competition organizing committee, when the competition is held in summer, when encountering high temperature and high humidity, vigilance must be aroused, and the safety of the contestants' lives must be given top priority.

Before the game, it is necessary to establish an emergency plan for the event and a circuit breaker mechanism for the event, reasonably formulate a supply plan, and increase preparation measures such as medical stations.

During the competition, pay attention to the real-time weather forecast and the conditions of the participants, and terminate the competition in time in case of emergencies.

Specifically, pay attention to the following points:

  Prepare emergency plans in advance, set up a special working group, do a good job of cross-departmental coordination, and do a good job of training and drills in response to the plan before the game;

  Contact your local weather bureau and invite them to join the race organizing committee.

Gather weather forecasts for the past three years on game day in advance and use one or more reliable sources of weather information before and during the game.

Pay attention to the weather forecast, which should contain at least the following data and should ensure that it is updated at least every 2 hours:

  (1) Predicted temperature range at different altitudes;

  (2) The origin, coverage area and intensity of the wind;

  (3) Wind chill index;

  (4) Humidity;

  (5) Precipitation duration and precipitation amount.

  Choose a suitable race route, try to have tall trees or buildings on both sides of the route, and avoid direct sunlight;

  Make a reasonable supply plan, and allocate sufficient quantities of water, functional drinks and salt supplies according to the number of participants; add spray points and ice cubes along the track and at the end of the track. If necessary, you can contact relevant government agencies to add spray trucks along the track ;

  Shorten the ritual process, reasonably set the firing time, and avoid high temperature periods;

  Allocate sufficient supplies according to the scale of the event, increase supply station settings and staff, and increase specific observers;

  Introduce the wet bulb black bulb temperature index, and arrange the wet bulb black bulb temperature index instrument in the medical station to achieve real-time monitoring, real-time disposal, and real-time reporting; allocate sufficient ambulances according to the scale of the event, increase medical station settings and medical staff, and increase specific medicines, watering cans, ice pools;

  Before the competition, through the official website, official WeChat, text messages, etc., inform the players, referees, volunteers and other relevant personnel of the competition on the weather conditions on the competition day, so that they can prepare for heatstroke prevention and cooling in advance; sun hat and adequate drinking water;

  Establish a circuit breaker mechanism, and the competition should be terminated in time if extreme weather occurs; in addition to weather factors, attention should also be paid to accidents, disasters, public health incidents, social security incidents, and other safety issues that may lead to unqualified conditions for holding the competition.