Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 29 (Reporter Gao Meng and Zhou Xin) On the evening of the 29th, the Chinese team teenagers Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming, who were born in 2007, won the championship in the mixed all-around diving final of the World Championships. At the same time, this is also Chinese diving. The 100th World Championship gold medal in team history.

  Glory, inheritance, glory... The weight of the 100th gold medal is self-evident.

  During the celebration, the reporter interviewed Gao Min, China's first gold medalist in diving at the World Championships.

Pulling away from this moment, look back at the way you came, and see the breakthrough of "zero" thirty-six years ago.

  Madrid, Spain, August 1986.

Gao Min, who was only 15 years old at the time, stood on the springboard of the World Championships for the first time.

This little girl, who participated in the adult competition for the first time only 5 months ago, is as noisy as the audience at the moment.

"I kept telling myself to relax, relax. But my brain didn't listen to me at all, and my body was shaking from time to time. Then I realized that I can't beat the tension, and the only thing I can do is to control it, use it."

  Stand firm for balance, swing your arms and dive into the water.

In Gao Min's own words, "Let the body be free to complete the action." At the moment of contact with the water, Gao Min heard a "cha", and at that moment she knew that she had won.

  The celebratory crowd poured in, and an old Spanish lady held her hand and joked, "Is this girl from aliens?" Gao Min replied in English, "China, I'm from China."

  That summer, on the side of the blue water, the five-star red flag was slowly raised, and the "March of the Volunteers" sounded for the first time on the podium of the diving event of the World Championships.

  After the awards were over, night fell, and Gao Min, who had completed the doping test, met an old man who had been waiting outside for a long time.

The old man turned to Gao Min and her team, bowed deeply, and said, "I have come to Spain for many years. This time playing the national anthem and raising the national flag makes me feel proud for the first time." There have been countless competitions in his career, but the figure of the old overseas Chinese is deeply imprinted in Gao Min's mind to this day.

  At that World Championships, the Chinese diving team made history.

On the world diving stage, China's colors are getting brighter and brighter.

  Gao Min said that he was lucky: "At that time, I happened to encounter a major reform of diving in China and innovated a lot of technology. Including the current "pressure water", how to flip in the air, how to see the target... This series of technological innovations, We threw the world away at that time. The fact that China was able to lead the world in diving had a lot to do with the big step it took at that time.”

  Since then, athletes such as Fu Mingxia, Guo Jingjing, and Wu Minxia have frequently won awards in international competitions, and the Chinese diving industry has produced many talents, and their technical level has been continuously improved.

At the same time, many Chinese coaches have gone overseas to coach and trained outstanding foreign athletes.

On the one hand, it spreads Chinese diving culture; on the other hand, it promotes the further development of diving events in the world.

  From 1986 to 2022, a full one hundred gold medals.

This is the highest honor forged by generations of Chinese divers and behind-the-scenes teams with countless take-offs, vacancies, flips, and water dives over a longer period of time.

Success is never easy, either from "one" to "one hundred" or from "one hundred" to further.