Five games were played in professional baseball, and Yakult, the leader of the Central League, beat Hiroshima in third place for 13 consecutive cards.

Pacific League

▽ Seibu vs. Nippon-Ham, Seibu won 6-2.

▽ Win, Pitcher Ens 5 wins and 4 losses.

▽ Losing, pitcher Yoshida 1 win 3 losses.

▽ Home run, Seibu / Tonosaki player No. 4.

Nippon-Ham Fighter Kamikawabata No. 2.

Seibu took the lead with Mori's two-point timely in the first inning, and scored additional points in the third inning with Mori's timely two-base.

In the 6th inning, Yamakawa expanded his lead with a timely two-base.

Starting pitcher Ens has hit one hit five times and scored his fifth win with no runs, and Seibu is the first five consecutive wins of the season.

In Nippon-Ham, starting pitcher Yoshida did not play a role with 3 runs in the 3rd inning, and the batting line was also lacking in 3 hits.

▽ Orix vs. Rakuten, Orix won 6 to 1.

▽ Win, pitcher Tajima 4 wins and 3 losses.

▽ Losing, pitcher Kishi 5 wins and 3 losses.

▽ Home run, Orix Masataka Yoshida No. 7.

Orix made a comeback in the 4th inning to chase 1 point with Masataka Yoshida's No. 7 Touran, and in the 5th inning, Keita Nakagawa's 2-point timely two-base and Yoshida's sacrifice fly added 3 points.

Starting pitcher Tajima scored his fourth win with one goal while throwing seven innings and hitting nine hits.

Rakuten's starting pitcher Kishi collapsed with 5 runs in the middle of the 5th inning.

Central League

▽ Giants vs. Chunichi won 10 times, and Chunichi won 3-2.

▽ Win, pitcher Raidel Martinez 2 wins 1 defeat 16 saves.

▽ Save, Pitcher Tanimoto 1 save.

▽ Losing, pitcher Kuwahara 1 win 1 loss.

In the 5th inning of 1 to 2, Abe caught up with the tie of 2 to 2 in the second timely hit of this game, and in the 10th inning, Abe's fifth hit of the day, etc. Mitsumata won one point with a dead ball pushed out.

The fourth pitcher, Raidel Martinez, wins the second.

Pitcher Tanimoto, who closed the end, saved for the first time in five years, and Chunichi stopped the losing streak with six.

The giant was miscalculated by pitcher Takuya Kuwahara.

▽ In Hiroshima vs. Yakult, Yakult won 9-2.

▽ Win, original pitcher 6 wins and 3 losses.

▽ Losing, pitcher Endo 3 wins and 5 losses.

▽ Home run, Yakult / Yamada player No. 15, Murakami player No. 28, No. 29.

Hiroshima / Sakakura player No. 7.

Yakult took the lead in the 4th inning with Yamada's No. 15 solo, etc., and added 1 point in the 7th inning with Hamada's timely three-base.

In the 8th inning, Murakami hit No. 28 touring, which is Murakami's 3 consecutive home runs, and in the 9th inning, Murakami hit No. 29 touring for 2 at-bats in a row.

Starting pitcher Hara scored his sixth win with no runs in the sixth inning, and Yakult has won 13 consecutive cards.

In Hiroshima, starting pitcher Endo fluttered with 2 goals in the 6th inning, but the relief team collapsed.

▽ DeNA vs. Hanshin, DeNA won 4-2.

▽ Win, pitcher Ishida 2 wins and 1 defeat.

▽ Save, pitcher Yamazaki 2 losses 15 saves.

▽ Losing, Gunkel pitcher 3 wins and 5 losses.

▽ Home run, DeNA Sano player No. 9.

Hanshin Tigers No. 2

DeNA won 2 points in the 4th inning of 2 to 2 with a continuous sacrifice fly of Soto and Minei from a no-out bases loaded.

Starting pitcher Ishida was hit by eight hits halfway through the sixth inning, but he managed to score two points and scored his second win.

In Hanshin, the starting pitcher Gunkel was not tenacious with 4 runs in the 4th inning, and he couldn't take advantage of his chance while hitting 10 hits, which was twice as much as DeNA.