Slippers, shorts: Lucas Alario was deeply relaxed when he spoke to the press on Wednesday.

It was the first time the striker, who had moved to Frankfurt from Leverkusen, was in the spotlight off the pitch at Eintracht.

The Argentine has been in Germany for five years.

Linguistically, he understands everything, as he emphasized, but feels more comfortable when an interpreter sits at his side at such media meetings.

Rafael Francisco from the parent club Eintracht took over this part - and it was always entertaining what the 29-year-old South American had to say.

Ralph Weitbrecht

sports editor.

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Of course, his compatriot David Abraham also played a role in the decision-making process for Eintracht.

Alario sought advice from the long-time Frankfurt captain, who has become a formative figure at Eintracht and has even ended his professional career.

In the case of Alario, this would also be theoretically possible.

The Argentine would be just under 33 at the end of his three-year contract.

An age that by no means has to mean the end of all dreams.

Alario and Rafael Borré as a duo

Lucas Alario has dreams - and skills: "I have my qualities in pressing," he said.

"I can put the opponent under so much pressure that they play sloppy passes and we get possession of the ball." Alario talked about this in the first talks with Oliver Glasner, his new coach.

Also about the fact that the stormy South American feels most comfortable when he knows another attacker at his side.

Eintracht now with two strikers – or maybe just one attacker as usual?

"The coach makes the final decision."

It is undisputed: Alario and Rafael Borré, the previous top dog on the Eintracht offensive, know and appreciate each other.

For a few months they were together at River Plate in Buenos Aires.

From there, that was in 2017, Alario crossed the big ocean to Germany and from then on tried his luck under the Bayer Cross in Leverkusen.

The time was fruitful, he said on Wednesday at his new job in Frankfurt.

And he is also grateful because he learned a lot from the respective coaches and took them with him.

But it wasn't enough for the big breakthrough.

Now maybe at Eintracht?

Alario doesn't allow himself to be pressured from the outside to score as many goals as possible.

"I'll do that myself." He knows his goalscoring rate needs to improve.

The very personal against Eintracht is remarkable.

In nine previous games in which he was still on the ball for Bayer, he scored four goals against Eintracht.

Four templates also underline its diversity.

"As a nine, I'm there to score goals," he says.

A sentence that should please coach Glasner.

Alario is looking forward to his stormy tasks in Frankfurt, which are just as diverse as in Leverkusen.

Champions League - is well known to the Argentine, but has not yet become the matter of the heart that it should be.

In his five years at Bayer, he has not scored a single goal in the premier class.

This is not surprising, "because I felt like I only played one and a half games," he said.

This should be different with Eintracht.

Alario knows that with Borré, Randal Kolo Muani and Goncalo Paciencia three other attackers are fighting for the two main places.

Competition stimulates business - and makes Alario, who has years of experience, happy that he knows Filip Kostic and Ansgar Knauff, two excellent preparers and executors in his team on the wings.

Still, it has to be emphasized, because it is still rumored that Kostic and Eintracht could go their separate ways.

"Great if Filip stayed," Alario said.

"So far I've only known him as an opponent.

He has that certain something.

He has great quality and only needs a little space.” Characteristics that are also attributed to Alario, who feels most comfortable in the penalty area.

"This is my office," he said about his transfer.

"Close to the gate, ready to finish."

Alario was asked whether he was willing to refine his language skills in Goethe's hometown at the institute of the same name, with which Eintracht works.

His answer: "No.

I learn by doing.” Goal scoring should be the same for him.