"It's time to touch your conscience."

  On the night of the match between the Chinese Super League Shenzhen team and Chengdu Rongcheng (26th) at 22:49, Shenzhen Football Club wrote these eight words on its official Weibo, clearly conveying its dissatisfaction with the referee's penalty in this game.

  Subsequently, a relevant person from the club confirmed to the surging news reporter that the Shenzhen team had lodged a complaint about the referee issue.

  The league has just started six rounds, but the referee's controversial decisions have become the protagonist many times. This is definitely not the result that the Chinese Super League hopes to present - but how to avoid such an embarrassing recurrence, it seems that the Chinese Football Association does not have much way... Judging from the playback , it seems difficult to define whether the ball has slight contact with Shenzhen players.

  Was the corner kick misjudged?

  The penalty appealed by the Shenzhen team was a corner kick in the 78th minute of the game.

At that time, Shenzhen was leading 2-1. The Rongcheng offensive player shot from outside the penalty area. The ball missed the goal. The referee whistled a corner kick, and the ball came out and Liu Tao scored a header.

  Just as Chengdu Rongcheng cheered and celebrated, Shenzhen team players collectively blocked referee Zhang Lei, asking for an explanation, causing the game to be interrupted for up to 8 minutes, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

  Shenzhen thinks that this corner kick does not exist, because Pei Shuai, the defender who runs the line with the ball, did not touch the ball.

The Chengdu team took advantage of the referee's misjudgment and scored a corner kick.

  The referee Zhang Lei, who enforced the game, sent off Qingdao foreign aid Alexandrini with a red card when he enforced the Qingdao-Hebei game in the 2020 season. At that time, Qingdao coach Wu Jingui shouted from the sidelines, "Zhang Lei, feel your conscience. ." This scene is also one of the famous scenes in Chinese football in recent years.

  After this game, Shenzhen's official Weibo also took this stalk to talk about it - so, is there any problem with Zhang Lei's law enforcement?

  "After watching the video, I didn't find any obvious change of direction of the ball, but whether there was a slight touch, I couldn't see it in the video." A senior assistant referee in the industry gave a more cautious answer in an interview with The Paper. .

The Shenzhen team besieged the referee.

  "But the assistant referee was very firm and immediately awarded a corner kick. I don't know if the sound of the collision could be heard at the scene, or they saw a different result from ours."

  Since this corner kick caused Shenzhen to lose the ball, the Shenzhen club also appealed the penalty after the game.

Procedurally speaking, the referee department of the Chinese Football Federation will accept the appeal, and the referee committee will organize an expert review team to review the penalty and give a reply to Shenzhen's appeal.

  If it is finally determined that the penalty is wrong, both the referee Zhang Lei and the assistant referee on this side may be punished internally.

Zhang Lei also has the problem of law enforcement procedural errors.

  Is the VAR usage procedure accurate?

  The game was interrupted for about 8 minutes because the Shenzhen players surrounded Zhang Lei after losing the ball.

  During this period, judging from the picture explained by the broadcast camera, Zhang Lei was constantly communicating through the headset, and the VAR studio was also replaying the slow motion of the goal, which sent a signal that VAR was going to intervene in the goal penalty.

  However, according to the rules of VAR use, the three situations of "goal or not", "penalty kick" and "red card" belong to the category of intervention. Corner kick penalty is not a situation that VAR can intervene, and the penalty has ended to form a dead ball, so Once Zhang Lei really went to the sidelines to check the VAR, it would be a huge joke.

After the game, security personnel protected Zhang Lei from leaving the field.

  Fortunately, no matter whether the corner kick was accurate or not, Zhang Lei did not use a bigger mistake to make up for the previous possible mistake - he still insisted on the penalty, and the game resumed after a long pause.

  Of course, procedurally, Zhang Lei also had obvious problems after this goal.

  A person in the industry told The Paper that, as the referee, the game should be resumed immediately after a goal was scored. Shenzhen players protested without reason and should show a yellow card for warning.

  At the same time, Zhang Lei has been communicating through the headset after scoring the goal. If the communication object is the video assistant referee, there is some doubt. After all, the entire goal does not meet the conditions for VAR intervention. Zhang Lei does not need to waste time with the video assistant referee. communicate.

  After all, it is impossible to change the result of the penalty, and the referee should resume the game as soon as possible.

Shenzhen players surrounded the referee to discuss what to say.

  Group attack, must be punished

  This is not the first time a corner kick dispute has resulted in a lost goal in the Chinese Super League.

  In the seventh round of the 2020 Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDA lost 1-2 to Wuhan Zall. In the case of 1-1, Wuhan Zall foreign aid Nahor dribbled the ball out of the bottom line from the right, and then the referee Shi Zhenlu awarded a corner kick , It was through this corner kick that the Wuhan team scored a go-ahead goal.

But as a loser, TEDA did not besiege the referee.

  A similar situation happened in the World Cup - in the 2018 World Cup final in Russia, Griezmann won a free kick with a suspected diving action. The French team scored a goal with this free kick, and Croatia only lost the ball Protest with the referee for a while, and then re-enter the game.

  Shenzhen players siege the referee after losing the ball, which is obviously not worth advocating. Regardless of whether the referee’s penalty is finally determined to be accurate, the Disciplinary Committee should punish such behavior. Otherwise, all teams will follow suit, and it will be difficult for the league to proceed in an orderly manner.

  Perhaps, the Shenzhen team has reasons to feel wronged, but at the same time, the coaching staff should also reflect on why there are flaws in the set-piece defense... Shenzhen players are still chasing the referee after the game.

  It is imperative to improve business capabilities

  In the three consecutive seasons of the Chinese Super League, there are fewer and fewer big-name players, and the game itself has shown a downward trend. Some of the referee's controversial decisions have attracted more attention...

  It is no wonder that Tucao Chinese football can naturally attract huge traffic in the public opinion field.

Of course, as a management department and a law enforcer, it is also necessary to reflect on why some low-level mistakes and highly controversial judgments are not uncommon.

  Take this season as an example, during the second round of the league match between Beijing Guoan and Chengdu Rongcheng, the referee Li Zheng blew the whistle after only 3 minutes of 5 minutes of stoppage time, and only after a reminder did he blow the whistle. The players from both sides were recalled to play the last 2 minutes of stoppage time... After Chen Yuhao of Wuhan Changjiang team stole the ball, he ran all the way to the penalty area to send a cross, Forbes pushed and scored.

  A senior referee in the industry told The Paper, "In the past, when there was no video assistant referee, a fourth official would be responsible for reminding the stoppage time; now the video assistant referee will also be responsible for reminding the injury time. , which is also a manifestation of the cooperation of the entire team with law enforcement. Such a mistake is completely incomprehensible."

  In the fourth round of the league, in the derby between Wuhan Yangtze River and Wuhan Three Towns, the goal of Changjiang forward Forbes was cancelled due to a slight confrontation between the players of the two sides. This situation is very similar to the 2020 season between Guoan and Taishan. The penalty for the second goal was cancelled.

After watching the VAR replay, the referee Wang Zhe ruled that Hu Rentian fouled Ren Hang first and the goal was invalid.

  In the second round of the league match between Taishan and Songshan Longmen, a more exaggerated confrontation between Adrian and Sun Zhunhao was judged as a goal after a VAR ruling, but it soon became apparent that the scale was not uniform punishment.

  There are also some penalties that, although they have no effect on the results of the game, can reflect the incompetence of the referee's professional ability.

  For example, before the end of the fourth round of the match between Haigang and Guangzhou, Haigang forward Liu Zhurun ​​was blocked by his opponent. Suspending the game and calling the Guangzhou team a foul...

  This kind of penalty that cannot even apply the favorable principle accurately is also a reflection of the referee's lack of professional ability.

  At present, the Chinese referee team headed by Ma Ning has obtained the qualification for the Qatar World Cup.