When the Swedish Championship week started in earnest in Linköping on Tuesday, speedway was included for the first time.

The individual Swedish Championship final was run at the historic Linköping Motor Stadium, which during the late 1990s, among other things, hosted Sweden's World Championship competitions in speedway.

The competition was decided with 20 heats in the basic competition, where the top three went straight to the final.

It was Kim Nilsson, Jacob Thorssell and Oliver Berntzon - all with 13 points each after 5 heats.

At the same time, Antonio Lindbäck settled with Jonatan Grahn, Ludvig Lindgren and Victor Palovaara for the last final place in the "last chance".

There was drama when Lindgren bet hard in a curve but came too far out and crashed and was forced to break.

However, he was able to leave the arena for his own machine.

- It is the trophy or the hospital, Lindgren says afterwards.

- No problem.

It's a sprained thumb, it's a little swollen, but it's the way it is.

It hurts to do away with yourself.

I bet everything on one card.

After the restart, Victor Palovaara snatched the last final ticket after driving around Antonio Lindbäck at the end.

In the final, Oliver Berntzon was the sharpest.

The 28-year-old won before Jacob Thorssell and Kim Nilsson and had to cheer in front of well-filled stands.