At the World Swimming Championships held in Hungary, the finals of diving and high school diving were held on the 27th, and Japan's Matsuri Arai finished 6th at 307.00.

On the 27th of the World Swimming Championships, Arai, who passed the semi-final in 5th place, participated in the final of the women's high diving using a 10-meter-high diving platform.

In the first time, Arai marked 65.80 in the performance of taking a backward step and making two and a half turns, and in the fifth time, taking a step backward and twisting one and a half turns to make a two and a half turn and marking 67.20, total score. Was 6th at 307.00.

She said Arai, she said, "She can't decide what to decide, and I'm disappointed. In the future, I'd like to review my practice and life and do my best."