Chinese diving team "Dream Team" debuts at World Swimming Championships in Budapest

  The "three little animals" reunite to win the championship, their ambitions remain unchanged

  June 26 is the day when the diving competition of the 2022 Budapest World Swimming Championships starts. From this day on, the focus of the World Championships has shifted from the swimming pool flying fish battle to the beautiful jumping on the platform.

On the first day of the diving competition, the women's 10-meter platform diving event, which many sports fans and fans are most concerned about, was arranged.

From the preliminaries to the semi-finals, to the finals in the early morning of the 28th, within two days, the champion and runner-up of the Tokyo Olympics, Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi, had to compete in three matches, and they would join forces for the double event later.

Their little friends and the Tokyo Olympic women's double platform champion Zhang Jiaqi will also play in the mixed all-around competition. The goal is to get the gold medal.

  Chen Yuxi: The technical level is more exquisite

  Almost a year has passed since the Tokyo Olympics, and the "three little animals" have grown a year older.

The youngest sister, Zhang Jiaqi from Beijing, is already an 18-year-old girl, Chen Yuxi from Shanghai will only turn 17 in September, and the youngest girl from Zhanjiang, Quan Hongchan, is 15 years old.

Girls at this age are developing and their bodies are changing. Compared with the Tokyo Olympics, while everyone is more mature, other aspects have also changed.

  Chen Yuxi has overcome the troubles of growing up, and her technical level has become more exquisite. She went to Budapest as the defending champion of the women's 10-meter platform at the World Championships.

There is no competition after the National Games. The list of expeditions this time is determined by the coaching staff based on the results of several team test matches, the usual training situation and physical condition.

In the single event of the World Championships, Chen Yuxi is the undisputed first choice, she defeated Quan Hongchan in both test matches.

  Quan Hongchan: Participating in the top competition for the second time

  Quan Hongchan is a rare and talented athlete. She was a blockbuster in the Tokyo Olympics. She scored 466.20 points in the final, which I am afraid will be the permanent scoring record for the women's 10-meter platform. Her performance in Tokyo was too amazing.

But people who know how to dive know that no one can keep that state forever, especially the female platform jumpers, except for Quan Hongchan's current coach Chen Ruolin, who can have the glory of winning gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games?

Due to special reasons in a special period, this is only the second time that Quan Hongchan has gone abroad to participate in competitions. The first time is the Olympic Games, this time is the World Championships, the two top diving competitions. I am afraid that the whole world will not be able to find Quan Hongchan. such an example.

  On the evening of June 26th, Beijing time, Quan Hongchan teamed up with Chen Yuxi to make a public appearance. From the preliminaries to the semi-finals to the finals, there were three consecutive matches over two days. Each match lasted for a different time. You can see Full red state.

Of course, the title of the women's 10-meter platform final is also very suspenseful. On the basis of winning the gold medal for the Chinese diving team, the two little sisters also have to compete fiercely.

A few days later, the two will join forces to compete in the 10-meter platform diving event.

  Zhang Jiaqi: Guaranteed to win the women's mixed all-around gold medal

  The 18-year-old Zhang Jiaqi also went out with the team this time, but participated in the mixed all-around competition of non-Olympic events. She also participated in the competition with the "three little ones" big sister Ren Qian, who is also the world's first post-00s generation. Olympic champion in Rio and won the women's 10m platform diving gold medal.

Zhang Jiaqi was the champion of the women's double 10-meter platform diving at the last World Championships. She was the well-deserved king of the domestic women's platform event at the Tianjin National Games, when she was only 13 years old.

Now Zhang Jiaqi has grown into an 18-year-old girl. Although her baby face and baby voice have not changed, she must obey the overall situation and no longer participate in the competition between the two Olympic events.

But the same is true of participating in non-Olympic events, that is, to ensure that the gold medal in the women's mixed all-around event is also won, because the Chinese diving team is the "dream team".

  Text/Reporter Liu Ailin