A title of champion of France, inevitably, it tires a little.

And it leaves traces on the body.

After the Montpellier rugby players were crowned in the Top 14 on Friday evening, the whole Hérault group returned on Saturday to continue celebrating with their supporters, first at the Comédie, at the GGL stadium, and elsewhere again, very late at night.

The whole group… or almost.

Mickaël Capelli was not present on the Comedy.

The Montpellier coach, Philippe Saint-André, revealed on the airwaves of RMC that the second line was at the wrong platform at Gare de Lyon.

“59 guys on the left… and one on the right”

He boarded a TGV for Lyon instead of taking the one for Montpellier.

“There were two trains.

59 guys went up on the left and the 60th went up on the right”, explained, hilarious, Jean-Baptiste Elissalde on the radio.

But if he missed the party on the Comedy, the player took the party train on the way, so to speak, and joined his friends for another night of fiesta...


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