The Chinese synchronized swimming team continued to make historic breakthroughs at the 19th World Swimming Championships: On June 24, local time, eight Chinese girls won the collective free-choice gold medal.

  In the final, the Chinese team continued to send out the team that won the gold medal in the collective technical optional project, including 8 players Chang Hao, Feng Yu, Wang Ciyue, Wang Liuyi, Wang Qianyi, Xiang Yingxuan, Xiao Yanning and Zhang Yayi.

The Chinese team's program is based on the theme of "Women Heroes", and the background music selects music played by traditional Chinese musical instruments, showing an impressive Chinese style.

The whole set of movements was clean and neat, and the dazzling and wonderful movements attracted bursts of cheers and applause from the audience, and finally won the championship with 96.7000 points.

  Zhang Xiaohuan, head of the coaching staff of China Huayou Team, said excitedly after the game: "Every final is filled with mixed feelings, and I have a lot of gratitude in my heart. This time we can come out to the game, and the country is also doing its best to help us. When the team can't train, we have been able to maintain regular training in the training base safely, so we must win glory for the country."

  The China Huayou Team officially formed a team at the end of last year. Compared with the Tokyo Olympics, only three Olympians, Feng Yu, Xiao Yanning and Wang Qianyi, were among the 13 players who went to the World Championships this time. The rest are newcomers. Only Zhang Xiaohuan has the experience of leading a team in the World Championships.

  Zhang Xiaohuan said that the team was able to achieve good results in just 7 months, thanks to the help of the seniors and the efforts of the newcomers.

"After winning the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics (two events of pair and team), we completed the transition of old and new in seven months. We must cherish the hard work of our predecessors, the baton is in our hands, and we cannot lose it In particular, our former head coach, Coach Wang Jie, has taken me for more than 30 years. I have always had a master helping me along the way. During our cycle, from the formulation of the training plan to the adjustment of the entries, Coach Wang has always It gave us a lot of help." Zhang Xiaohuan said.

  While thanking the seniors, Zhang Xiaohuan was also delighted with the growth of the newcomers. She said: "Through this battle, I think the girls have grown up all at once. They are still a little immature when they are at home, and when they encounter difficulties, they are still Some shrink back. They will cry, feel sad, feel unbearable, and feel a lot of pressure when they face high-intensity training. But I think they have gotten a good workout after this competition. We cherish it very much. The opportunity to participate in this competition has really achieved the purpose of training newcomers through the competition, and I have also found many of my own problems, and I have also received feedback from the industry and some experts. This competition is of great significance."

  On the evening of June 25th, Beijing time, the Chinese team Shi Haoyu/Zhang Yiyao used high-quality movements and strong artistic expression in the final mixed doubles free-choice final of the China Huayou World Championships. The Chinese team added another bronze medal, which is also the second bronze medal this pair won in this competition.

Since then, the Chinese synchronized swimming team has ended the World Championships with 4 golds and 2 bronzes.

Zhang Xiaohuan said before the game: "I hope this pair of teenagers can put down their mental burden and enjoy the moment in the water to the fullest. I hope that Chinese athletes can have a stronger desire to perform, show more confidence in front of the referee, and be more confident. Unleash their love for the move. They just have to perform and enjoy the moment."

  In the exhibition match after the game that day, the Chinese team was the first to appear, and the song selected was "Elephant King's Journey", the opening song of the cultural and expo program "National Treasure". The 13 players performed the Chinese style vividly and vividly, whether on land dance or in water performance. .

"This is a show that we have spent a lot of time preparing, so we are looking forward to it very much. After the show is our moment of celebration." Zhang Xiaohuan said.

(Reporter Wang Dong of this newspaper)