At the World Swimming Championships held in Hungary, the final of the women's 400-meter individual medley of swimming was held on the 25th, and Yui Ohashi won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 5th place at 4: 37.99. I didn't reach the medal.

On the 25th of the World Swimming Championships, the final day of the swimming competition was held, of which Ohashi, who won the gold medal in this event of the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the final of the women's 400m individual medley.

In the final race, Ohashi returned to 4th place in the first half following Canada's Summer Mackintosh at the age of 15, but at the end he lacked growth and finished in 4 minutes 37.99 and won a medal in 5th place. I missed.

Ohashi was eliminated in the semi-finals of the 200-meter individual medley held on the 18th, and he did not reach the medals in any of the events that won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, Ageha Tanigawa, who advanced to the final of this event with Ohashi, was 8th at 4:44:28.

The gold medal was Makintosh at 4: 32.04, the silver medal was 16 years old, Katie Grimes, at 4: 32.67, and the bronze medal was Emma Wyant, 20 years old at 4: 36.00.

Among other Japanese teams, in the men's 400-meter medley relay qualifying, Japan finished 9th overall with a difference of 0.11 seconds and missed the final.