China News Service Client, Beijing, June 25th. The synchronized swimming event of the 2022 World Swimming Championships ended in Budapest, Hungary on the 25th, Beijing time. The Chinese team ended with six medals in total, four golds and two bronzes.

The Chinese team in the game Photo source: Oriental IC

  After the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese synchronized swimming team entered a period of adjustment.

In the past 7 months, the team has been updated, and young players have quickly taken the lead and achieved impressive results in this World Championship.

  The Chinese team, consisting of Feng Yu, Chang Hao, Wang Liuyi, Wang Qianyi, Xiao Yanning, Xiang Yingxuan, Zhang Yayi, and Wang Ciyue, won the championship in the two items of collective technical choice and collective free choice.

Although many of them are new faces of the World Championships, from the preliminaries to the finals, regardless of the quality of action, synchronization or artistic appeal, the content of the competition presented by the eight girls is significantly better than other opponents competing in the same field.

Twin sisters Wang Liuyi and Wang Qianyi Image source: Oriental IC

  In addition to winning two gold medals in the collective event, twin sisters Wang Liuyi/Wang Qianyi also won double technical and double free-choice championships, thus becoming the four gold kings of the single World Championships.

  In addition, Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yiyao teamed up to win bronze medals in mixed doubles technical choice and mixed doubles free choice, also making great progress.

Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yiyao in the game Source: Oriental IC

  With four golds and two bronzes totaling six medals, this is also the best record of the Chinese synchronized swimming team in a single World Championship.

The team not only gained confidence, but also gave the Paris Olympic cycle a good start.