The wonderful world of online gambling?

Can quickly lead to a dead end.

Red Bull Racing suspended its highly talented young racing driver Jüri Vips this week.

The 21-year-old Formula 2 driver had stopped by his junior academy colleague Liam Lawson, apparently looking for something to eat.

Lawson was busy though - Call of Duty: Warzone.

Vips chimed in, gambled, "N-worded" a character in the game or a teammate, refused to don a pink cap that Lawson held out to him on the grounds that the color was "gay," and was loose his job.

The training company announced the suspension at a pace suitable for Formula 1: Lawson had streamed the digital game round on the Twitch platform.

The Estonian Vips is not the first athlete whose career has allowed the lure of simple direct marketing via Twitch stream to take one of the most valuable target groups in a very unfavorable direction because the star does not keep his verbal waste to himself.

Red Bull has announced an in-depth investigation into the incident, while Vips posted on Instagram that he wanted to "fully cooperate".

Mockery about a lot of time to gamble is obvious.