Mohamed Salah donates a large amount of money to treat the child Roqaya

The Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt confirmed that the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, the star of the English club Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, contributed to the treatment of the girl Roqaya, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

And Egyptian media, quoting a source in the Ministry of Solidarity, said that Mohamed Salah donated a large amount of money.

And the social networking sites had risen during the past weeks in order to donate the girl Ruqayya for treatment in the amount of 40 million pounds in order to obtain an injection that would help treat her from muscular dystrophy, so the hashtag “#Save_Ruqiah” was launched, which found a great interaction from the communication sites. The social network, until the amount was collected today, Friday, and the Rokaya family celebrated the collection of the huge amount after the great interaction on social networking sites. 

A source within the Ministry of Social Solidarity said, in exclusive statements to "Dot Al-Khaleej", that Mohamed Salah, the star of the English club Liverpool, is one of the first donors for the treatment of the girl Roqaya from muscular dystrophy.

This is not the first time that Mohamed Salah has donated.

In a report published by the British newspaper, The Times, it was mentioned that Mohamed Salah is ranked eighth in the most giving people in 2022, as he is one of the most people who seek to donate throughout their existence.

The report added that Mohamed Salah donated 6% of his total wealth so far, which is approximately 41 million pounds, and is the only football player in the top ten donors.

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