Before the championship, Sjöström chose not to participate in as many disciplines as she has done before.

Instead, she focused on three individual distances, in addition to the team medley: 50 meters butterfly, 50 meters freestyle and 100 meters freestyle.

The result was two gold and one silver.

- This approach suits Sarah very well right now in the part of her career she is in. To come here and run above all the sprint races that she loves to run.

She did really well and it will give her confidence for future championships.

Two gold and one silver, it can not get much better, says Lars Frölander.

She herself says that the press increases the more medals she takes?

- Sarah is so experienced that I am not worried that she will perform in the big finals.

She knows what she needs to do and how to set up the races.

She just gets better and better all the time.

Later this summer, the European Swimming Championships, which will be decided in Rome on 11-17 August, await.

The championship is broadcast on SVT.

Clip: New World Cup gold for Sarah Sjöström - won the final in the 50 meter freestyle

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Sarah Sjöström tensed her muscles after another World Cup gold.

Photo: Bildbyrån