The IOC = International Olympic Committee has decided to add new ski jumping women's large hills at the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, Milan Cortina d'Ampezzo, in order to reduce the difference in the number of men's and women's events at the Olympic Games. I did.

The IOC held an online board meeting on the 24th to discuss future Olympic events and other events.

As a result, in order to reduce the difference in the number of men's and women's events held at the Olympic Games, a new

▼ Ski Jumping Women's Large Hill,

▼ Men's and Women's Ski Freestyle, Dual Moguls,

We have decided to add a

mixed group of skeletons and

▼ Luge women's two-seater.

Also, regarding the ski Nordic combined, where only men's competitions are held, it was discussed whether to continue because the number of athletes who won medals in the past three tournaments remains in four countries and the number of spectators is small. We have decided to hold the 2026 tournament because we have already been preparing for it for many years.

"We have made great strides towards closing the gender gap at the Winter Olympics. We promise to continue to promote gender equality. The 2026 Games are an important milestone in this effort," said IOC President Bach. It will be. "

Women's Large Hill Japan is one of the events expected to win medals

Ski jumping large hills have traditionally been held only for boys at the Olympics.

In addition to being held at the World Cup for girls, it has also been held at the World Championships for the first time since last year.

In this tournament, Japanese player Sara Takanashi has won a silver medal, and it will be one of the events expected to win a Japanese medal when it is held at the Olympic Games.

In addition, the dual moguls, which have been added to the new event, will allow two athletes to slide at the same time and compete in a tournament format.

In this event, Japanese athletes, both male and female, have achieved good results in international competitions, such as Ikuma Horishima winning a bronze medal at the world championship held last year.

Paris Olympic Boxing Competition Not Operated Under IBA Authority

On the 24th, the IOC = International Olympic Committee decided not to operate boxing at the 2024 Paris Games under the authority of the IBA = International Boxing Association, which has problems with organizational management.

Regarding the IBA, which oversees amateur boxing, due to a series of organizational management problems such as suspicion of referee fraud and uncertain financial management, the IOC announced the 2024 Paris Games in an online board meeting on the 24th. , Decided not to run boxing qualifications and Olympic competitions under the authority of the IBA.

The IOC will decide how to operate on behalf of the IBA in the future.