Anicet Mbida 06:59, June 23, 2022

Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Thursday, he is interested in an original solution to find people buried under the rubble.

Rescue rats help locate victims.

We are currently testing an original solution to find people buried under the rubble: rescue rats that help locate victims.

After rescue dogs, we may soon have rescue rats.

Imagine: you are stuck under rubble after a disaster.

No one knows you're there… Suddenly, you see a rat arrive with a backpack stuffed with electronics: GPS, radio, lamp, camera.

He spots you.

Give the alert.

Rescuers know exactly where to find you.

This is the objective of the NGO Apopo, which trains rats in first aid.

Why rats?

Because they are very intelligent, very curious animals that can sneak around everywhere.

But above all, because they are gifted with an unparalleled sense of smell.

One of the world champions in this matter is the Gambian giant rat (up to 80 cm, the size of a cat).

It's those big rats they train to find you if you're stuck under the rubble.

An 80 cm rat?

Some might completely panic when they see them coming…

It is true that rats and humans are not the best of friends.

Suddenly, as soon as he spots a survivor, he will simply take a small ball out of his bag, which will trigger the alert and broadcast a message like: “I am a rescue rat.

Do not panic.

I am here to help you.

Help will arrive soon.”

Then, he will immediately leave the premises, find his masters, so as not to further frighten the victim.

Eventually, this ball will be equipped with a radio to put the person in contact with the rescuers, who will be able to reassure them more easily.

Are these “big beasts” already at work somewhere?

Not yet.

But it won't be long.

Today, they have already trained nearly fifteen rats.

After training, a first mission in a real situation, with rescue dogs, is already planned in Turkey, on the site of a real earthquake.

If you have a phobia of rats, it is better to start treating yourself.

Because in a few years, these big beasts could save our lives.