Frida Karlsson has chosen to invest on her own with coach Per Nilsson, who will also be the coach of the German national team.

The message was communicated by the national team in a press release on May 30, other teammates in the national team knew nothing.

- It feels better if I get to go out with the news to the team and say that I do this because ... For me, it is still important with the relationship with everyone and I do not think it feels good that they should have to read it in media.

- Then we have put this behind us, we have had good conversations now after so there is no battle ax that is going on, says Frida Karlsson to SVT Sport.

"Felt like we were friends"

Did you feel disappointed or let down by the national team management in any way?

- Well, actually when the discussion went and we had a meeting, it felt like we were friends and we tried to come up with a solution, we put forward a proposal that they did not take and then I think it went a little too fast after the last meeting.

We did not get that time to inform people around so that it would feel good inside before the news went out to the public, says Karlsson.

Linn Svahn: "The goal is still to be a national team"

Sprint star Linn Svahn, who did not compete at all due to an injury last season, is also outside the national team.

- I still think that we are all individual athletes and understand that you want to do everything to optimize your investment and the path to the goal is different for everyone and everyone understands that and then they are supportive and I think it has been very good support so, she tells SVT Sport.

- Then it is always sad, the goal is still to be a national team that everyone should be there together, but everyone understands that you choose different approaches, says Svahn.