In professional baseball, the exchange game is over, and the league game will resume on the 17th for both Central League and Pacific League.

Of these, in the Central League, the leader Yakult won all the cards in the interleague game, winning the second victory for the first time in four years with 14 wins and 4 losses, widening the game behind the second-placed giant to seven.

On the batting line, No. 4 Munetaka Murakami remained in good shape and was selected as the MVP = Most Valuable Player for the first time in 18 games with a batting average of 30%, 5 minutes, 1 home run, 6 home runs, and 13 RBIs. The pitchers are also stable, especially the relief team, who hasn't run a goal since June.

It will be interesting to see if Yakult will take the lead with this momentum.

In addition, Hanshin, who had been sluggish at the bottom since the opening, extended the winning star with 9 wins and 2 losses in June, finished the exchange game in 2nd place with 12 wins and 6 losses, and ranked 4th in the Central League. It seems that it will affect the future ranking battle.

On the other hand, in the Pacific League, the leader Rakuten was in good shape from the opening, and Haruki Nishikawa did not hit in 9 consecutive games. It ended with 9 wins and 50% win rate.

With a game difference of 1.5 from the 2nd place Softbank, from the 17th, there will be 3 consecutive games of direct confrontation between the top offense and defense.

On the 17th, the Central League will play

▽ Yakult vs. Hiroshima,

▽ Hanshin vs. DeNA

▽ Chunichi vs. Giants

Pacific League

▽ Softbank vs. Rakuten,

▽ Seibu vs. Orix

▽ Nippon-Ham vs. Lotte