Professional baseball KIA won a thrilling comeback victory with Na Seong-beom's three-run home run.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


The KIA battalion, which was tied up and dragged by NC ace Gu Chang-mo, finally began to show off the majesty of the league's top home run hitter when Koo Chang-mo went down from the mound.

Lee Chang-jin fired a solo cannon that went over the left fence and started chasing, and Na Seong-beom pushed the low fastball of Kim Young-gyu, the new pitcher, and turned the game over with a three-run home run that went behind the left fielder.

Na Seong-beom, who made his team cry with the 10th gun for the season, enjoyed the tiger mask ceremony.

KIA, who won 4-2 with two home runs, escaped from a losing streak, and Lee Eui-ri, who played a tight ace match with Chang-mo Koo, took the 4th win of the season.


Lotte defeated Hanwha with Choo Jae-hyun's final double RBI and Han Dong-hee's wedge double.

Hanwha, in a turbulent atmosphere, lost six straight losses, with captain Joo-Seok Ha being sent off for protesting the ball decision.


With Kelly's 7 innings and one run run from starter Kelly and two-run for Kim Hyun-soo's season 12 final, LG defeated Samsung, and Kiwoom, who drew the finish line thanks to the opponent's fierce fighting, defeated Doosan.

Leader SSG defeated KT in a perfect 6-0 win.