Wang Shuang returns to the national team from injury and looks forward to appearing in the East Asia Cup

  Recently, the recovered Chinese women's football player Wang Shuang flew from Wuhan to Qingdao to participate in a new round of national team training. She is looking forward to the return of the 2022 East Asia Cup.

  During the Women's Asian Cup at the beginning of this year, Wang Shuang suffered a fracture in her foot. Since then, she has been doing rehabilitation training and special physical training in Hubei.

According to Cheng Yang, a rehabilitation teacher at the Hubei Institute of Sports Science, Wang Shuang has been transitioning from rehabilitation training to special physical training for 6 weeks. The ability has recovered well, and the cardiopulmonary ability, lower body strength, running distance, and acceleration distance have been significantly improved." Wang Shuang said that she recovered well, but it will take some time to run in with the national team.

"I believe that I can quickly adapt to the rhythm of the national team and the technical and tactical requirements of the coach."

  On July 20, the Chinese women's football team will usher in the first match of this year's East Asia Cup in Japan. Wang Shuang is looking forward to returning to the game: "I will do my best to fulfill the technical and tactical requirements of the coach, play well and win the game."

  (Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Zhou Wanqi)