A wheelchair dedicated to "wheelchair boxing", which is being promoted by the WBC = World Boxing Council's social contribution activities, was developed, and former world champion Kouki Kameda and others took part in the competition.

"Wheelchair boxing" is a new competition for boxing in a wheelchair, and the executive committee that promotes WBC's social contribution activities in Japan is promoting it so that people with disabilities can enjoy boxing.

At a related event held in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture on the 11th, a wheelchair specially developed was shown.

Wheelchairs used in parasports such as wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball have wheels tilted in the shape of the Chinese character "eight" to make it easier to turn, but in wheelchair boxing, the wheelchair rotates with the force of a punch. The tilt of the wheel is reduced to prevent this.

Wheels are also installed on the left and right sides of the rear to prevent it from tipping over.

At the event, former boxing champions Kouki Kameda and Naomi Togashi experienced the competition in their own wheelchairs, and while struggling to close the distance to their opponents, they were sweating.

The executive committee hopes to develop the rules for "wheelchair boxing" and promote the dissemination, which will lead to the holding of the tournament in the future.

Tsuyoshi Yasukouchi, a member of the executive committee that promotes the spread of wheelchair boxing and an adviser to the JBC = Japan Boxing Commission, said, "I want to finally establish it as a parasport, but first I want to spread it through grassroots activities. Wheelchair boxing. I would be grateful if you could increase the number of activity options and make yourself happy. "