Wakako Tsuchida, who participated in the women's 100-meter wheelchair class eight times in summer and winter, and Momoka Muraoka, who won three gold medals at this year's Beijing Paralympics, started the Japan Para-Athletics Championship in Kobe. A player participated.

Muraoka won the race in which the two "dual wields" participated.

The Para-Athletics Japan Championship will start in Kobe on the 11th, and in the women's 100-meter wheelchair class, Tsuchida, who is aiming to participate in the 9th Paris Paralympic Games in summer and winter, and 6th place in this event of the Tokyo Games. However, at the Beijing Paralympics in winter, Muraoka, who won three gold medals in the ski alpine, participated.

In the race, Muraoka jumped out from the beginning and won the race at 17:27, and Tsuchida was third with a time of 17:57.

Muraoka said, "I respect Mr. Tsuchida as a dual wield senior. This time, I was thrilled and stimulated."

Tsuchida said, "It was inspiring to be able to run with a very powerful player. I was a little responsive to the sprinting power I was aiming for, so I hope I can connect to it in the future."

Misato Michishita, a gold medalist of the Tokyo Paralympic Women's Marathon, participated in the women's 5000m visually impaired class.

Michishita won the championship with a time of 18 minutes and 31 seconds, which set his Asian record by 17 seconds.

Michishita said, "It was the toughest. Now I'm increasing my speed on the track and I want to do my best to run the marathon."