It is a sign that does not deceive.

When you leave your best player on the bench in the last quarter, that's good news overall.

After inflicting a 35-14 in the third period on the Celtics, the Warriors were able to rest Stephen Curry.

The difference was made.

And, unlike the first game, where Boston had made an incredible comeback, this time there was no miracle with green sauce: Golden State crushed Boston (107-88), on Sunday night in Monday, and tied (1-1) in the NBA Finals.

“Everyone was more involved.

Our physical commitment was increased and it had to be.

We also had to be much more focused and aggressive, ”summarized San Francisco franchise coach Steve Kerr.

His players have indeed put the ingredients in terms of intensity and seriousness, maintained until the end.

With a 23-point lead at the start of the last period, Golden State did not loosen the grip this time, well led by Stephen Curry (29 pts, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 interceptions), already prolific in the first match (36 pts) despite his disappearance in the money-time.

Tatum floats, in vain

“We had to play with the energy of desperation and that's what we did.

It's a good feeling to get back on track.

Now we have to do it at home,” commented the Warriors point guard.

His "Splash Brother", Klay Thompson, on the other hand, was still in difficulty on shots (1/8 at long distance, 11 pts), unlike Jordan Poole (17 pts), finally released after a first filled with false notes Thursday.

Like Curry, he planted five award-winning banderillas including one of the logo in the center of the field, at the third quarter buzzer, which quickly killed all suspense.

On the Celtics side, after a very good start, marked by 13 points in the first quarter, Jaylen Brown (17 pts, 6 rebounds) died and Jayson Tatum could not fill everything, despite his 28 points .

Faced with the Warriors who welcomed them with a bit to their teeth, the Celtics did not redouble their efforts at the end of the second period.

Might as well save: two matches are looming in their TD Garden cauldron, the first on Wednesday.


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