The final round of the women's golf overseas major US Women's Open was held on the 5th, and while many players were suffering from difficult course settings, Sakura Koiwai was ranked 20th in the top of the Japanese team with a total of 3 overs.

The winner was Australia's Minjee Lee with a total of 13 under.

Many players suffered from the difficult course setting with only two under pars in the final round of the US Women's Open, the second round of the overseas majors held in North Carolina on the 5th.

Koiwai, who came out of the top 24th place in Japan, got off to a good start with a birdie on the 1st par five, but both dropped the score with the 4th and 9th parfors as bogies.

After that, I continued to play golf, and on this day I dropped 2 scores with 2 birdies and 4 bogies to a total of 3 overs, but the ranking went up by 4 and I was 20th in the top of the Japanese team.

Nasa Hataoka, who finished second in this tournament last year, dropped three scores to 28th with a total of 5 overs, and Mao Saigo, who has won five in the Japan tour this season, also dropped four scores to total. It was 44th place with 8 overs.

In addition, amateur 17-year-old Saki Baba dropped 7 scores, 9 over in total, and Yuna Takagi 19 over in total.

The winner was Minjee Lee of Australia, who came out of the lead with a total of 13 under pars and went around in an even par, and won her 8th tour total and 2 major wins.