SSG, the leader of professional baseball, defeated LG and escaped from three consecutive losses.

The starting pitcher Font led the victory with 7 innings of scoreless counter pitching.

Byung-min Yoo.

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font completely blocked the LG line with only three pitches: a fastball with a maximum speed of 151 km/h, a sharp slider, and a curve.

Font, who had a perfect streak by processing 10 batters in a row until the 4th one-out, gave Hae-Min Park a left-handed hit and allowed the first hit, but he did not care and grabbed two subsequent batters and continued a goalless streak.

Font hit a double in the left middle by Moon Bo-kyung in the 5th two-out, and after sending Lee Jae-won to a 4 pitch intentionally, he struck out a wasted swing with a fastball with the highest speed of 151 km/h today (the 5th) in the match with Heo Do-hwan.

The font, which has grown in momentum, threw a total of 112 up to the 7th inning, struck out 4 3 hits, and made a perfect throw.

In the batting line, with veteran Shinsoo Choo hitting the final with two RBIs, the leader SSG defeated LG 2-0 and escaped from a three-game losing streak.

Font won his 7th win of the season and took the lead with Kiwoom Ahn Woo-jin in a joint lead with many wins.

KIA Pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong met the requirements for a victory with a reverse pitching in 5 innings and 1 run in 5 innings away from KT, but failed to achieve 6 consecutive wins in the season and 153 overall wins as the 7th bullpen leading 2-1 in the bullpen allowed a tie.

KT starter Koh Young-pyo also struck out nine up to the 7th inning and gave up only two points, but was satisfied with avoiding defeat.

(Video editing: Nam Il)