The Japan Table Tennis Association has decided to give new points to the top three players in the world rankings in the selection of the Japanese national team for the Paris Olympics if they win the international tournament.

This was decided by the Japan Table Tennis Association at the board meeting held on the 4th.

Regarding the selection of Japanese national team for table tennis at the Paris Olympics, the association gave selection points based on the results of the national team selection meeting three times a year, the All Japan Championship, the T-League of the domestic league, etc. in September last year, and then Japan. When boys and girls each win two singles national teams, the top two players with the total points have announced the criteria for being nominated as the national team.

After that, the association was considering a new mechanism because several players commented, "Is there any way to increase motivation because points are not earned on the world tour?"

As a result, we will give new points if we win the singles of the international tournament from the top three strong Chinese players in the world ranking.

The target is an international convention that will be held from January 30th next year for about a year.

The top three Chinese players in the world ranking will be awarded 15 points per win in 7 game matches and 10 points per win in 5 game matches.

Japan Table Tennis Association Miya * Yoshihito Zaki, General Manager of Strengthening Headquarters, explained that introducing new points "I think that we will study top players in China, so I think that strengthening Japan will accelerate."