Regarding the "active draft" that allows players who are not blessed with opportunities to participate in professional baseball to transfer to other baseball teams, NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball Players has put together a draft that each baseball team lists two or more players. I showed it to the baseball players' association.

"Active draft" is a system that allows other teams to appoint active players listed by each team to transfer.

Players who are not blessed with the opportunity to participate can now seek new opportunities to play an active role, and adjustments are being made to hold it off this season.

On the 2nd, the players' association held office negotiations with NPB, and revealed that the draft of the active draft was presented by the NPB side in the interview after the end.

According to the players' association, the team lists two or more players, and each team has a mechanism in which someone goes out and someone enters.

Tsubasa Aizawa, chairman of the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association in Hiroshima, said, "I think it's very important for players, so I have to understand it and tell the players. I'm positive about it."

The players' association will discuss the draft at the general meeting held in June and will respond to the NPB side.