In professional baseball, six interleague games were played, and Yakult, the leader of the Central League, defeated Lotte in a come-from-behind victory, winning three consecutive cards in the interleague game.

▽ Yakult vs. Lotte, Yakult won 7-3.

Yakult took a turnaround in the 8th inning of 2 to 3, with Osuna's timely, Souma Uchiyama's 3-point timely two-base, and pinch hitter Nakamura's timely.

The third pitcher, Ishiyama, is the second win.

Yakult has won three consecutive cards in the interleague game.

Lotte pitched well with starting pitcher Kojima scoring 1 goal in the 6th inning, but the relief team collapsed significantly.

▽ Giants vs. Softbank, Giants won 3-0.

The giant took the lead with Maru's No. 10 leading batter solo home run in the first inning, No. 11 solo in the third inning, which was Walker's three consecutive home runs, and No. 11 in the fifth inning, which was Maru's second home run. I gave an additional point in the solo.

Starting pitcher Kanno scored the sixth win of the league's sole top with a good pitching of five hits and no runs in eight innings, and the giant stopped the losing streak with three.

In Softbank, starting pitcher Ray scored two goals in the fourth inning, but without the support of the batting line, Softbank's winning streak stopped at five.

▽ Hiroshima vs. Nippon-Ham, Hiroshima won 6-3.

Hiroshima made a comeback in the 5th inning of 0 to 1 with McBroom and Sakakura's consecutive walks, and then Shosei Nakamura hit a 3-point timely two-base, scoring 6 points at a time.

Starting pitcher Kuri scored his third win with three goals in the middle of the sixth inning.

Nippon-Ham was disturbed by the third pitcher, Suzuki, who relieved the bases loaded with one out in the fifth inning.

▽ Chunichi vs. Rakuten won by Chunichi 3-2.

Chunichi was the first infield hit by Ukai in a timely manner.

In the 2nd inning, Mitsumata's timely, and in the 3rd inning, Kinoshita's timely added points.

Starting pitcher Matsuba defended the lead with four relief teams after the sixth inning, and the third win with no runs in the fifth inning.

Rakuten suffered a second defeat with starting pitcher Kishi, who scored three goals in four innings.

▽ DeNA vs. Orix, Orix won 3 to 1.

Orix won the 1-on-1 6th inning with Sugimoto's timely two-base, and in the 8th inning, Fushimi's infield grounder added points.

Starting pitcher Sachiya Yamasaki is the second win with a good pitching of four hits and one goal in seven innings.

Closer Yoshihisa Hirano has achieved a total of 200 saves in professional baseball.

DeNA pitched well with starting pitcher Hamaguchi with 2 runs in the middle of the 6th inning, but there was no support from the batting line.

▽ In Hanshin vs. Seibu, Hanshin won 6 to 1.

In the 4th inning, Hanshin scored 3 points in the starting pitcher Gunkel's first timely two-base and Nakano's timely-to-base.

In the 7th inning of 3 to 1, Itohara hit 17 hits, the most hits of the season, with all the starting pitchers hitting in a timely manner.

Gunkel pitched well with one goal in the middle of the seventh inning and is the second win.

Seibu starting pitcher Sumita pitched 5 times with 12 hits and 3 runs to lose 6th.