China News Service, Beijing, May 31 (Reporter Wang Haoyuechuan Liu Xingchen) The annual Children's Day is coming soon. This is a festival for children, and it also collects the memories of those who used to be "children". beautiful memories.

  Childhood experience, even if the details are blurred, the joy I once had is still fresh in my memory.

When I grow up, I look back at myself when I was a child, and there will always be feelings and nostalgia in my heart.

  On the eve of this year's Children's Day, three "big friends" shooting Olympic champion Yang Qian, BLG team player Liu Qingsong (match ID: Crisp), men's basketball national player Fang Shuo shared their childhood memories with The days, many years later, they are still happy.

What was your childhood like?

Fang Shuo:

Childhood is a carefree time, without a lot of troubles, you can have more time to do what you like.

Running and chasing under the blue sky, playing in the flowers, the good memories of childhood are always worth cherishing.

Yang Qian: During

the break, I will call my little classmates to play some small games such as hide and seek together, and I can play all afternoon.

What was your favorite game as a kid?

Yang Qian:

When I was a child, I liked watching cartoons very much. Whenever I had the chance, I would keep an eye on the children's channel and watch TV with my dad.

And then, I especially like watching Mr. Bean, because I find it very interesting.

Fang Shuo:

I remember that when I was a child, what I looked forward to most was the arrival of Children's Day, because my parents would prepare my favorite toys and take me to play where I wanted to go. The school was also full of the atmosphere of Children's Day. .

Looking back now, my childhood is still very beautiful and interesting.

What was your favorite food as a child?

Liu Qingsong:

I remember eating those 50 cents of spicy noodles every day when I was a child. Now that I have grown up, I have the ability to buy a lot, but I feel like I can’t taste the same flavor as before. Maybe I don’t like the taste of spicy noodles, but the school. The kind of "spicy sticks" that the commissary sells.

What do you want to say to the little ones and the big ones?

Liu Qingsong:

Childhood has the ease and joy of childhood, and adults also have the responsibilities and responsibilities of adults. We must always work hard to not disappoint our childhood self. We hope that children will cherish the present time, grow up happily, and become their ideals. Own.

Fang Shuo:

On Children's Day, let us regain the innocence of joy. I wish everyone a happy Children's Day on Children's Day and be happy every day.

Yang Qian:

Children's Day on June 1st is approaching. I wish you a happy Children's Day.