Linn Svahn, Frida Karlsson and Maja Dahlqvist.

Three of Sweden's great long distance and sprint stars have left the national team.

Something that Anders Blomquist is worried about.

At the same time, he admits that it is a difficult situation for the national team to solve.

What do you think it's because they're leaving?

- Skiing is an individual sport, then you can strengthen a training effect in groups and learn and challenge each other.

But it is also about that each individual must be a little selfish and do what is best for that person if you have the ambition to be the best in the world, and all three of these girls have it.

It is a difficult nut to crack, but you have to cope with it in a good way if you are to have a strong national team.

What does this say about the league's structure, that the three biggest are not in the next season?

All three have their own coaches, they have not used the coaching capacity (in the national team), other than to get advice close to competition.

Otherwise, they have largely relied on another coaching help that they are happy with.

Anders Blomquist also sees a risk of tensions in the group if the union does not handle the situation in a smooth manner.

- There is definitely a risk that there will be tensions.

Then I think the girls are very good team players in a lot of ways, in training and competition situations.

I do not think that part will be so difficult to resolve if the handling from the union does not create unnecessary conflicts that tear up wounds.

I think the girls will handle it well with the coaches during the competition season.

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Frida Karlsson: "Be prepared to waive compensation completely" Photo: SVT / Bildbyrån