Fifteen police custody were still in progress Monday morning in connection with the chaos Saturday evening around the Stade de France, which hosted the prestigious final of the Champions League, said the Bobigny prosecution.

Nearly 50 police custody in total

In this competent jurisdiction for Seine-Saint-Denis, where the Stade de France is located, 48 police custody were launched in total for troubles on the sidelines of the match which saw Real Madrid triumph over Liverpool (1-0) .

The majority of police custody, of which a “significant number (…) concerned minors”, was lifted over the weekend.

But "15 major police custody have been extended, for public action decisions to be taken during the day," the Bobigny prosecutor's office reported at midday on Monday.

Many complaints against X

"There have been a large number of complaints against X for theft, snatching and even violence", he specified, but "no police custody has taken place for facts related to intrusions or fake tickets to the match".

In a report to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, Paris police prefect Didier Lallement denounced a "massive counterfeit ticket fraud" which he said would have inflated the crowd that thronged the gates of the Stade de France, and announced to take legal action.

This report was received late Monday morning at the Bobigny prosecutor's office and should give rise "during the day" to the designation of an investigation service.


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