The strongest on the first leg was Swedish Lina Stand, in Sweden's second team.

Hanna Lundberg started for the Swedish first team for the first time, and the 19-year-old was third after the initial distance after taking a longer route than Strand after the ninth check.

- It felt good to be there first and get the command, says Lina Strand after finishing.

"The situation you dream of"

She handed over to Martin Regborn, who managed to hold the lead and hand it over by a margin of 16 seconds to second, to Emil Svensk.

- This is the situation you dream of, to be able to take the lead.

Then it's just driving, says Regborn.

Max Peter Bejmer, in Sweden's first team, climbed the second leg.

When he handed over to Gustav Bergman, it was second, behind the second team.

Bergman was close to catching up, but lost during the second half of the race and was almost a minute behind the leading Swede at the finish line.

Alexandersson did not catch up

Karolin Ohlsson thus had a fantastic starting position on the last leg.

She was chased by star Tove Alexandersson and Swiss Elena Roos - and Alexandersson hijacked seconds and seconds.

But Ohlsson withstood the pressure and was able to finish as an unthreatened winner.

Alexandersson then lost second place to Roos and finished third.