Sister Cheyang Shi's Olympic champion status is certified

  On May 28, when the famous Chinese race walking player, Sister Qieyang Shi, participated in the 2021-2022 World Athletics Federation Race Walking Tour in Spain, in La Coruña, the official website of the World Athletics Federation, Qieyang Shi's profile has been listed. Labeled "Olympic Gold Medalist".

  As the World Athletics Federation has added the Olympic champion logo to the famous Chinese race walker Ms. Cheyang Shi, she will compete in international competitions for the first time as the champion of women's 20km race walking at the 2012 London Olympics.

  In the 2012 London Olympics, Sister Cheyang Shi originally finished third.

In 2015, Russia's Kaniskina, who won the runner-up at the time, was cancelled due to doping violations. The International Olympic Committee officially replaced Sister Cheyangsh as the runner-up of the London Olympics on June 10, 2020.

On March 21 this year, the World Athletics Federation’s Integrity Committee informed that the then champion, another Russian athlete Rashmanova, was also suspended for two years for doping violations, and her London Olympic championship results were also cancelled.

Therefore, Sister Cheyang Shi was replaced as the champion of the London Olympics.

  In addition, two other Chinese players, Liu Hong and Lu Xiuzhi, will be replaced as silver and bronze medalists.

Like Sister Cheyang Shi, their profiles on the official website of the World Athletics Federation have been modified accordingly.

Text / reporter Chu Peng