Reigning world champion Max Verstappen did not make it in the qualifiers.

The Red Bull driver finished fourth and also had to give way to teammate Sergio Perez, Mexico, qualifying third.

Ahead of Monaco's GP, Verstappen leads by six points ahead of Leclerc.

The Dutchman comes to this weekend's classic with three straight victories.

There is much to suggest that the suite may be broken on the difficult-to-drive and narrow city line and that Leclerc can take revenge for last year's miss.

Even then, the 24-year-old was in pole position but could not complete the race.

SVT's racing expert Robert Dahlgren yesterday:

- I think he (Leclerc) is ready this year.

Ferrari is ready.

Tomorrow, home driver Charles Leclerc has a golden opportunity to win the Monaco GP.

CLIP: Tough entrance exams for the officials of the Monaco Grand Prix

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Watch officials practice putting out a burning Formula 1 car.

Photo: Monaco Grand Prix: When Formula 1 arrives in town / SVT