The G1 race "89th Japan Derby" was held to decide the best 3-year-old horse in Japan, and the 3rd most popular Do Deuce won the championship.

The race was held on a 2400-meter turf course at the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu City, Tokyo, with 18 horses running.

Do Deuce was positioned in the rear from the beginning and chased, and in the last straight line that was greeted, he showed his last leg and went forward at a stretch, smashing the catch-up of the second most popular Equinox and winning the championship.

The time was 2 minutes 21 seconds 9 and the race record of Japan Derby was updated.

The second place was the second most popular Equinox, and the third place was Ask Victor More.

Jockey Taketoyo, who rode on Do Deuce, became the sixth Japanese derby conqueror since winning Kizuna in 2013.

The jockey said, "I'm impressed. It was a numbing response when I went around the 4th corner. The reaction was so good that I was a little quick to take the lead, but I was solid until the end. I want to put it in and do my best. "

The refund is

▼ Win 13th for 420 yen,

▼ Frame Ren 7-8 for 420 yen,

▼ Maren 13-18 for 730 yen,

▼ Mamono 13-18 for 1440 yen,

▼ 3 consecutive Double is 3-13-18 for 4570 yen,

▼ Triple single is 13-18-3 for 15770 yen,

▼ Wide is 13-18 for 340 yen, 3-13 is 1120 Yen, No. 3-18 was 1390 yen.