Khaddi Sagnia struck with the best jump of her career, 6.95, when she won the Diamond League competition in Eugene late last night.

The jump is only four centimeters shorter than the Swedish record of 6.99 that Erica Johansson holds from 2000.

SVT Sports expert Alhaji Jeng is impressed by the 28-year-old.

- Really great fun to see Khaddi on the go.

She has had a nice minimum level which she has now raised.

At this jump, you look at the employee run when she gets this wonderful drive the last step in.

Then it's just a matter of time before we get to see seven meters.

Nice that she gets it already in the second competition, he says.

- Also on these courses where she will compete in the WC.

It's a good start to the season and her best result ever.

How long do you think Johansson's Swedish record will stand?

- It's a good record, no talk about it.

But may Khaddi continue as she does now, I think the time has come.

Jeng is also happy with 22-year-old Carl Bengtström, who set a personal record in the 400 meter hurdles during the same competition.

- What a comet he is.

Starting the season with personal best gossip that he joins this extreme development that has been in the 400 meter hurdles.

The World Cup in Eugene kicks off on July 15.

CLIP: Khaddi Sagnia set personal best (May 28)

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Khaddi Sagnia with personal best.

Photo: Bildbyrån