Before the final of the rugby and league one playoff tournament will be held on the 29th, Suntory captain Ryoto Nakamura and Panasonic captain Atsushi Sakate will meet at the national stadium where the match will be held, and they are enthusiastic. Told.

The playoff tournament final of League One, which started this season, will be held on the 29th, and Suntory and Panasonic will face each other for the title of the first champion.

On the 28th, the captains and managers of both teams attended a press conference at the national stadium, which is the venue for the match.

Of these, Suntory captain Ryoto Nakamura said, "I've been motivated by last year's loss since the start of this season, since I lost to Panasonic in the top league final last year. There is a sense of unity. Tomorrow wants to do what he should do simply and hit him head-on. "

On the other hand, Panasonic captain Atsushi Sakate said, "I have a special feeling toward the first champion of League One. Tomorrow wants to devote himself to his role and put out all the various motivations to play." I was there.

According to League One, more than 30,000 tickets for the final have already been sold, so the number of spectators is expected to be the highest this season on the 29th.

On the other hand, on the 28th, the 3rd place playoff was held at the Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium, and Kubota defeated Toshiba 23 to 15.