Pro baseball NC pitcher Koo Chang-mo, who returned from injury, won the comeback game after a year and a half with a scoreless counter-throw.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


NC's Changmo Koo led the team to their first Korean Series championship two years ago, drawing attention as the next-generation national ace.

However, his injury caught his ankle and he had to rest for a whole year last year, and today (28th) played a comeback game against Doosan in the first team mound after 551 days at home.

Gu Chang-mo's presence was also unique.

With a fastball with a maximum speed of 147 km/h and a sharp change ball, he tied the Doosan batters without a score until 1 out in 6 innings, and fellow fielders also supported the ace's strong pitch with good rain.

With Kim Ki-hwan's two-run hit and Martini's two-run four, NC succeeded in escaping the returning ace's first win of the season and three straight losses.


In the 10th inning, Lee Jung-hoo, who continued to fight with the support of Puig, shot a 3-point arch that crossed the right-middle fence at the end of the 9-ball game.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was handed the championship belt in the dugout, smiled brightly and enjoyed the joy of a home run.

Kiwoom, who defeated Lotte with one shot from Lee Jung-hoo, continued their five-game winning streak.


KIA defeated the lead SSG with Na Seong-beom's 3-point home run and Lee Ui-ri's 6 innings 3-run run, while LG beat Samsung with the first Archie and Song Chan-ui home runs after Park Hae-min's transfer.

(Video editing: Lee Jung-taek)