The reason?

The course was simply judged to be too dangerous, and the referee broke the match, writes Norrtelje Tidning.

- The course is too bad, that's it.

The material does not stick together and then it will not be a safe speedway and then we can not drive.

It was both in the first and second turn.

It's too bad.

The board must investigate this and find out what is wrong.

Basically, it is the board's responsibility to ensure that the track is safe.

My responsibility is the sporting and to let the guys out on a safe track.

Unfortunately, it was not today, says Rospiggarna's team leader Peter Jansson to the newspaper.

Jansson is asked how dangerous it is to drive when the track looks like it does.

- Just look at (Kai) Huckenbeck and (Norbert) Krakowiak.

They go down tracks and can be run over and everything.

We should have a safe and nice course and this is not it.

According to Nerikes Allehanda, it looks preliminary to make a new attempt to run the match on July 5.